May 17, 2015

Joe Hockey is being dishonest again today, this time claiming he never agreed Paid Parental Leave was fraud.

Appearing on ABC’s Insiders today, Joe Hockey said:


BARRIE CASSIDY: You agreed with Laurie Oakes that it was fraudulent.


JOE HOCKEY: No, I didn't actually. If anyone properly reads the transcript and properly reflects on that –


But the transcript shows that is exactly what he did:


LAURIE OAKES: But this is basically fraud, isn't it, taking an allowance twice effectively? Who is doing it?


JOE HOCKEY: Well, it is…


Joe Hockey – Channel 9 – 10 May 2015


Joe Hockey is being blatantly dishonest. 


The truth is that he and his colleagues have spent this week attacking Australian mums for accessing Paid Parental Leave.


On Monday, Scott Morrison said it was a rort:


“…frankly in many cases I think it is a rort”.


Scott Morrison – Sky News First Edition – 11 May 2015


Then on Friday Joe Hockey said employers who provided extra support to working mums were scamming the government:


JOE HOCKEY: if they change the scheme to try and scam the government and scam taxpayers, well, I mean, that reflects on them as much as anything else.


Joe Hockey – ABC 774 – 15 May 2015


All this to try and justify a cut to Paid Parental Leave which will see around 80,000 women left worse off, some by as much a $11,500.


This comes as Joe Hockey tries to sheet home blame for the disgraceful cut to Scott Morrison, saying it was his idea to slash Paid Parental leave in the Budget.


While Joe Hockey and Scott Morrison blame each other for this disgraceful decision, it is 80,000 new mums who lose out.


It doesn’t matter whose idea it was – the fact is that every Minister and every Liberal MP supports this Budget and the plan to cut PPL to more than 80,000 new mums a year.


Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott should stop demonising working women and drop their cuts to Paid Parental Leave.


SUNDAY, 17 MAY 2015


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