February 02, 2015

In a desperate attempt to save his own leadership, Tony Abbott has dumped his signature Paid Parental Leave policy.

This is the biggest broken promise of all.


Australian families now know that Tony Abbott’s word means nothing.


For years, Tony Abbott has staked his leadership on delivering this scheme:



“…as far as I am concerned, this is an absolute signature policy. It is an absolute signature policy. It is going to be one of the defining marks of my leadership of the Coalition.”
Tony Abbott Doorstop, Melbourne – 8 March 2012



But Australian families were deceived.


If Australian families can’t trust Tony Abbott to deliver his signature policy, he cannot be trusted to deliver anything. 


With his leadership in crisis, Tony Abbott has shown that all he cares about is saving his own skin.


He has no plan for families.


And he has also failed to get rid of the 1.5  per cent tax on 3000 businesses that was going to pay for his scheme.


Will Australian families still be slugged with another tax, but get no PPL in return?


Australian families are sick of Tony Abbott’s lies.




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