August 27, 2014

A delegation of 50 community sector groups have renewed their condemnation of Tony Abbott’s unfair Budget, calling on the Government to scrap measures targeting vulnerable Australians.


CEO of the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), Cassandra Goldie, expressed deep concern about the harshest measures in Tony Abbott’s Budget, warning that the Budget will create a country we don’t want to have.

Craig Wallace, President of People with Disability, said people with disability were frightened by planned cuts. 

They believe that they will lose their incomes, that they will fall into poverty and penury as a result of the measures in the Budget. We are concerned about the decision to index the Disability Support Pension by CPI rather than MTAWE (Male Total Average Weekly Earnings).


Labor stands with ACOSS and its members in calling on Tony Abbott to dump his unfair Budget. Tony Abbott’s Budget will have a disastrous impact on the most vulnerable members of our society.

Labor will continue to fight against Tony Abbott’s unfair cuts to Australian pensioners, families and young people.

Labor opposes Tony Abbott’s harshest Budget measures, including: 

  • Cutting the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, Veterans’ pensions and Carer Payment by $80 a week by cutting pension indexation.
  • Raising the retirement age to 70.
  • Cutting indexation to Parenting Payment single.
  • Freezing payment rates for Family Tax Benefits.
  • Slashing Family Tax Benefit end-of-year supplements and ceasing indexation.
  • Cutting families from Family Tax Benefit Part B when their youngest child turns six.
  • Forcing young jobseekers under 30 to wait six months before receiving any income support.
  • Pushing young people under 25 from Newstart onto the lower Youth Allowance. This is a cut of at least $48 a week, or almost $2,500 a year.