May 06, 2015

Families know that Mr Abbott’s new found interest in families is nothing more than an attempt to save his own political skin after last year’s unfair Budget.

Australian families know that Mr Abbott’s ‘signature’ paid parental leave scheme was all about solving his political problem. 

Australian families also haven’t forgotten the $1 billion in cuts to child care which would increase the out-of-pocket cost of child care for many of them.

Now they know Tony Abbott’s ‘families package’ is just another political fix designed to shore up his leadership of the Liberal Party.

Mr Abbott needs to do what’s right by Australian families. Not what’s right for his own political interests.

Labor believes that child care should be accessible and affordable for parents and support children’s early education and development.

From the outset, Labor has been focused on ensuring any changes to the child care system won’t leave Australian families worse off and that disadvantaged and vulnerable children are protected.

Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison must not hold families to ransom.

If the Government is serious about families, they will scrap their Family Tax Benefit cuts which will leave some families as much as $6,000 worse off. Labor will fight these unfair cuts until they are scrapped forever.

Labor will only support a package which is in the best interests of families.

With the information available, Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison’s childcare package does not meet the test.  

Labor is deeply concerned at reports 100,000 families could be locked out of the system entirely from a harsher activity test, making it harder for families returning to work, and leaving working parents – particularly those working casual or part time – with less or no support.

Tony Abbott needs to deliver on his promise of more affordable child care,  whilst promoting both children’s development and workforce participation.