March 21, 2014

Labor today joins people all over the world to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

World Down Syndrome Day is a United Nations sanctioned day on which people all over the world stand up and celebrate the lives and achievements of people with Down Syndrome.

It is a day on which we recognise and celebrate the fantastic contributions people with Down Syndrome make to our communities.

The date (21/3) represents the three copies of chromosome 21 that are unique to people with Down syndrome.

The global theme for 2014 is Health and Wellbeing – Access and Equality for all.

In government, Labor invested in early intervention for people with disability, including through the Better Start for Children with Disability  initiative. Well over 1,000 children with Down Syndrome have accessed critical early intervention therapies and services through this program.

We also introduced the National Disability Insurance Scheme, so that people with disability, people their families and carers can finally get the support they so desperately need.

More information about World Down Syndrome Day, including ways people and communities can celebrate the day, can be found on Down Syndrome Australia’s website.

21 MARCH 2014

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