May 23, 2015

New Analysis released today by the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) shows this year’s Budget is just as unfair as last year’s, with families set to lose $15 billion over the next four years.  

It is clear that Tony Abbott still doesn’t get fairness.

This is not a budget for families. 

He still wants to take $5.5 billion from family tax benefits.

He still wants Australians to work until they are 70.

He still wants pensioners to pay more for transport, gas and electricity and council rates.

And he still wants to leave seniors $900 a year worse off by abolishing the Seniors Supplement. 

A single income family on $65,000 a year is still set to lose as much as $6,000 because of Tony Abbott’s Budget.

The 2015 Budget also includes a new cut to Paid Parental Leave which will see as many as 80,000 women lose as much as $11,500, every year.

This would be devastating for new mums, who will be forced to spend less time with their babies.

This government has unfairness at its core.

The only way to get rid of last year’s Budget is to get rid of Tony Abbott.


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