September 27, 2017

Figures from the final Budget outcome show that the Turnbull Government is failing to get people with disability into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison are trying to pretend that this underspend on the NDIS is due to their good management, it’s not.

It’s because of the Turnbull Government’s poor management of the rollout of the NDIS.

The most recent quarterly report showed that the NDIS had only reached 83 percent of its target.

As at 30 June 2017, 116,555 Australians with disability were meant to be part of the NDIS, but only 96,722 people with disability were in the scheme. 

By failing to meet the targets Mr Morrison is able to claim a saving to the Budget bottom line.

What’s the reason for the Turnbull Government’s failure to meet the targets for the NDIS?

First, the NDIS IT system has been plagued by difficulties that have resulted in significant problems for people with disability and disability service providers.

The problems with the IT system resulted in a failure to meet early enrolment targets. 

This meant that the NDIS immediately fell behind schedule and has been forced to play catch up ever since.

Poor quality plans have been another major problem.

People with disability are rightly concerned about NDIS planners with a lack of experience in the disability sector, over the phone planning and not having the chance to see a draft of the plan before it’s approved.

This means that far too many people with disability are requesting a review of their plan, leading to a growing number of reviews and with it further backlogs.

It’s vital that the Turnbull Government gets on with the job of fixing the NDIS IT system and ensuring that there are enough staff and they have access to proper training.

The NDIS is the biggest social policy reform since the introduction of Medicare – it’s important that we get it right.

The task now for everyone is to work together to get the best possible NDIS.


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