July 01, 2015

Single parents and single income families will today be spared massive cuts to Family Tax Benefits because the Australian community and Labor said no to Tony Abbott’s unfair budget. 


If Tony Abbott had got his way, these families would be facing a $3,000 cut to their household budgets.


Last year, the Government introduced a measure to cut Family Tax Benefit B from families when their youngest child turns six.


This measure was due to start today. But Labor has stood with Australian families in fighting this unfair change. 

Protecting this $3,000 means families will continue to be able meet the growing costs of raising children.


The Abbott Government’s cuts to Family Tax Benefit End-of-Year Supplements were also due to start today but have been blocked by a strong and united community campaign. 


This means more money in the pockets of low and middle income families at the end of the financial year.


Labor will continue fighting the Government’s plans to freeze Family Tax Benefit rates for three years, as well as their freeze to the low income free threshold for these crucial payments.


Together, these measures constitute some of the harshest cuts from last year’s budget.


We stood with the Australian community against these cuts because they would have driven down the standard of living of millions of families.


Labor understands that Australian families are finding it hard to make ends meet. That’s why we have done all we can to stop these cuts from getting through the Parliament.


Labor will continue to stand up for Australian families until these cuts are dropped forever.


Families will always be better off under Labor.


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