May 05, 2015

Shadow Minister for Families and Payments, Jenny Macklin Tasmanian Senator, Helen Polley today joined pensioners in Launceston to send Tony Abbott a message: Don’t Pocket Our Pension.


Before the election, more than 13,000 Age pensioners who live in the electorate of Bass were promised by Tony Abbott there would be “no change to pensions”.


Yet in last year’s budget Tony Abbott unleashed a savage attack on Australia’s pension system including massive cut to pension indexation.


Bass pensioners never voted for a cut to their pension.


Liberal Member for Bass, Andrew Nikolic voted for the cut to pension indexation.


The changes to indexation alone will leave pensioners as much as $80 a week worse off within ten years. 


But the cuts don’t stop there, Mr Abbott is also increasing the pension age to 70, cutting funding for concessions to pensioners and cutting the deeming rate thresholds – which will drive down part pensions.


For nearly twelve months, Labor has been campaigning with pensioners around Australia to call on Tony Abbott to drop his changes to pensions.


Now we read in today’s papers that Tony Abbott plans to break his promise again, this time by making changes to the pension assets test.


Any change to pensions is a broken promise.


Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison are determined to cut support to pensioners.


Only Labor is standing up for pensioners and fighting for a fair pension.


The Abbott Government must take its unfair cuts to pension indexation out of the Parliament and out of the budget.