April 19, 2014

Reports in today’s Australian confirm that the government is progressing with its plans to lift the retirement age and cut the rate of indexation of the Age Pension.

It is quite clear that the Prime Minister cannot be taken at his word when it comes to the Age Pension.

Earlier this week the Prime Minister said that he would keep the commitment he made to 2.3 million Australian pensioners that there would be no cuts to pensions, and no changes to pensions. 

But today’s reports confirm that the razor gang has its sights set directly on the standard of living of age pensioners.

When Tony Abbott promised pensioners the day before the election that he wouldn’t change the pension – they took his word for it.

No amount of weasel words can change the fact that the Prime Minister is planning to break the solemn promise he made to Australian pensioners on the eve of the election, and pensioners have every right to be furious.

Why should Age Pensioners, those who can least afford it, have to pay for Tony Abbott’s $5.5 billion Paid Parental Leave scheme?

The priorities of this government are completely twisted.


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