July 16, 2014

Tony Abbott has twice refused to rule out abolishing Family Tax Benefit Part B as recommended by his Commission of Audit in Question Time today.

During the same Question Time the Prime Minister ruled out including the family home in the means test for the Age Pension but didn’t offer the same guarantee for families receiving Family Tax Benefit Part B.

The Prime Minister was first asked:

Can the Prime Minister guarantee he won’t completely scrap Family Tax Benefit Part B as recommended by his Commission of Audit?

Why didn’t the Prime Minister stand up for single income families and rule out abolishing the Family Tax Benefit Part B?

The Prime Minister was then offered a second opportunity to rule out scrapping FTB B but offered nothing more than weasel words in yet another deceitful display.

Tony Abbott’s Budget will already make a single income family on $65,000 with two school age children $6,000 a year worse off by 2016.

What further shocks and promises does the Prime Minister have planned for Australian families?

This follow comments earlier today from the Treasurer’s comments earlier today that he is searching for further cuts in order to salvage his chaotic Budget.

Labor will continue to fight any unfair moves by the Abbott Government that target Australian families  

16 JULY 2014

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