May 01, 2015

Reports in today’s Australian newspaper indicate Tony Abbott is set to once again break his promise of “no change to pensions” in this year’s Budget.

Before the election Tony Abbott promised “no change to pensions”.


After the election Tony Abbott launched an unprecedented attack on Australia’s pensioners.


In last year’s Budget Mr Abbott broke his promise with a plan to cut pension indexation, increase the pension age to 70, slash support for concessions to pensioners and cut the deeming rate thresholds.


The cut to indexation alone will cut $23 billion from the Age Pension over the next ten years, meaning a pension cut of up to $80 per week for pensioners, according to independent analysis by ACOSS.


Tony Abbott needs to do is drop his cuts to the pension – he must take these cuts out of the Parliament and out of the Budget.


Labor’s position has been crystal clear for nearly a year. We believe Australians who work hard all their life shouldn’t retire poor.


Australian pensioners have every right to feel angry and betrayed by Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party.


Only Labor is standing up for Australian pensioners and fighting for a fair pension.


Tony Abbott should come clean on how many part pensioners will be worse off by this latest thought bubble. 


Labor understands that pensioners deserve support, security and certainty in their retirement – and that’s what Labor will continue to fight for.


FRIDAY, 1 MAY 2015