July 22, 2014

Tony Abbott’s signature Paid Parental Leave Scheme has been dealt another blow today, this time by the Productivity Commission.

The Commission’s draft report into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning argues that the rolled-gold scheme is unlikely to provide additional benefits to the current scheme, despite the massive extra cost.

The draft report says:

“it is unclear that the proposed changes to the Paid Parental Leave scheme…would bring significant additional benefits to the broader community beyond those occurring under the existing scheme.”


This rubbishes Tony Abbott’s claims that his hugely expensive scheme will improve female workforce participation.

It also confirms what Labor, the business community and almost all of Tony Abbott’s own colleagues have been saying for years: Tony Abbott’s signature scheme is a dud.

In 2010, Labor introduced Australia’s first ever Paid Parental Leave scheme, a scheme based on solid evidence and the recommendations of the Productivity Commission.

Labor’s scheme was designed to help women who didn’t have access to Paid Parental Leave to stay in the workforce when they had a baby.  

This year’s Review of Labor’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme confirms that it is achieving just that.

Already, more than 340,000 women have benefitted from Labor's scheme. More than 40,000 dads and partners have benefitted from Labor’s Dad and Partner Pay.

Now Tony Abbott wants to spend $5.5 billion a year giving $50,000 to wealthy women to take six months off to have a baby. 

Today, the Productivity Commission, which Tony Abbott once described as “our most respected policy making body” has confirmed this money would be better spent elsewhere.

Tony Abbott should heed the mountain of evidence and scrap his unfair and unaffordable scheme.  

22 JULY 2014

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