September 09, 2015

Tony Abbott’s savage cuts to young jobseekers have been defeated by Labor in the Senate.

This is a huge win for young Australians and a huge win for fairness.


If Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison had got their way, young jobseekers under 25 would have been left with nothing to live on for a month, pushing them into poverty and hardship.


Labor will never agree to force young people to have nothing to live on. 


Changes to the eligibility age for Newstart were also defeated.


This would have seen young jobseekers between the ages of 22 and 24 pushed onto the lower Youth Allowance – a cut of around $48 a week or almost $2,500 a year.


This defeat is another blow for Scott Morrison, whose legislative agenda is in absolute disarray. 


Scott Morrison was supposed to mop up the mess left by the bumbling Kevin Andrews, but Scott Morrison has been forced to repeatedly withdraw bills before being debated.


If he spent a bit less time trying to get his head on television every day, he might be doing a better job.


Scott Morrison just doesn’t get it. Australians don’t want these cuts.


If Scott Morrison had any sense, he would drop these savage cuts forever.


Whether for one month or six, this measure would have left young people with nothing to live on.


Labor has stood side-by-side with young Australians for more than a year by defeating these unfair cuts.


And we will continue to do so if the government tries again.


Scott Morrison should confirm that these measures will be taken out of the budget forever.




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