May 08, 2014

Tony Abbott looks set to savagely cut support for carers in next week’s Budget, if the recommendations of the Commission of Audit are accepted.

The Commission of Audit recommended cuts to indexation of the Carer Payment, tightening eligibility for the Carers Allowance and limiting the Carers Supplement to one payment per carer.

Taken together, these changes would be absolutely devastating for Australia’s 220,000 full-time carers, who are already doing it tough.


As the Commission of Audit itself states, more than 90 per cent of the recipients of the Carers Payment have no income, because of the impact their caring responsibilities have on their capacity to work.


A typical carer on the Carer Payment with responsibility for the care of two people will lose a $600 a year Carer Supplement as well as having their Carer Payment reduced by hundreds of dollars a year as a result of changes to indexation.


This will come in addition to the savage cuts the Commission has proposed for people with disability themselves, who will also be hit.


These are people who dedicate every day of their lives to caring for their loved ones. 


They should not be subjected to cruel cuts under the cover of Tony Abbott’s false budget emergency.


If Tony Abbott wants to cut, he should start with his rolled-gold Paid Parental Leave Scheme, which would give $50,000 to millionaires to have a baby.


Why should carers, who provide an essential service to sick Australians and Australians with disability, have their payments cut so Tony Abbott can spend $21 billion on an unfair paid parental leave scheme for higher income women?


Tony Abbott’s priorities are completely twisted.




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