May 20, 2014

Tony Abbott’s Budget of broken promises and cruel cuts will hurt families in Tasmania, some by as much as $6,000 a year.

Shadow Minister for Families and Payments, Jenny Macklin MP and Labor Senators Helen Polley and Carol Brown met with families at Centacare in Launceston today to discuss the impact of Tony Abbott’s Budget of broken promises.

“This is a horrible Budget for families in Tasmania,” said Ms Macklin.

”Not only are Tasmanian families going to have their Family Tax Benefits cut, they are also going to have to pay new taxes whenever they buy fuel or visit the GP.”

By 2016, an average Tasmanian family with a single income of $65,000 and two school aged children will be worse off by up to $6,000 each year. That’s around 10 per cent of the entire family budget gone.

“For a Prime Minister who said he would help families with the cost of living, this is a cruel cut to Tasmanian families.”

Senator Helen Polley said the Tasmanian people now know Tony Abbott lied to them before the last election.

“Tony Abbott said there would be no cuts to health, no cuts to education and no new taxes,” said Senator Polley.

“Tony Abbott has broken every promise he made to Tasmanians before the election.

“Tony Abbott cannot be trusted”. 

Senator Carol Brown said the sad reality of Tony Abbott’s Budget is that low and middle income families are going to have their own budgets savagely cut.

“This is a bad budget for Tasmanian families and a bad budget for Tasmania.”

TUESDAY, 20 MAY 2014

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