April 29, 2014

Tony Abbott’s Budget of broken promises and twisted priorities will hurt 819,200 pensioners in Victoria according to new analysis.

This includes 528,500 full-rate pensioners, who currently have no income other than the $20,000 a year they receive from the Pension.

More people will be affected in Gippsland than any other electorate in Victoria, with the highest number (29,500) of pensioners followed closely by Bendigo (29,300).

Any increase to the retirement age will particularly hurt around 35 per cent (34.73 per cent) of Victorians who work in physically demanding, blue-collar jobs.

The figure is as high as 47.1 per cent in the electorate of Holt, the fifth highest in the country according to the 2013 data.

Victorian pensioners will suffer if Tony Abbott breaks his promise and makes changes in the May budget.

The Prime Minister promised ‘no changes to pensions’ before the election and he can’t talk his way around that, try as he might.

Victorian pensioners will see through Tony Abbott’s broken-promise weasel-words.

Any change will hurt pensioners in Victoria because they’re already struggling to make ends meet.

Any change to the retirement age will hurt Victorians who work in physically demanding, blue-collar jobs especially.

If the Prime Minister is so desperate to cut, he should leave pensioners in Victoria alone and start with his exorbitant paid parental leave scheme.

Tony Abbott wants to cut the pension at the same time as giving $75,000 to millionaires to have a baby which will cost taxpayers $5.5 billion a year.

That says everything about Tony Abbott’s twisted priorities.

If the Liberals cut the pension in this Budget, Tony Abbott will be breaking a promise he repeatedly made to millions of Victorian pensioners before the last election.

We don’t want Tony Abbott to forget his promise to Victorian pensioners – so we’ve made this short online ad to help remind him.

The Abbott Government’s first Budget is set to be a Budget of broken promises and twisted priorities.

This is not the government they said they’d be.


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