If Tony Abbott is serious about ‘clearing the decks’ before Christmas, as reports today have suggested, he shouldn’t bother watering down his signature paid parental leave scheme.

He should scrap it entirely.


This $20 billion ‘barnacle’ of a policy is beyond salvation.


Tony Abbott has already watered down his signature policy once this year, reducing the payment cap from $75,000 to $50,000.


But Tony Abbott’s signature policy is a dud. Economists, business, unions, women’s groups and just about every member of the Coalition party room know it.


For years, Tony Abbott has tied himself to his unfair and extravagant scheme, but it’s time Tony Abbott woke up to the fact that Australians don’t want his $20 billion cash splash.


Australia can’t afford Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme.


Labor believes in a fair and affordable Paid Parental Leave scheme, because that is what we delivered.


But Tony Abbott’s scheme will see $50,000 paid to millionaires to have a baby, while he tries to rip money away from pensioners and families and drive up the cost of living with his GP tax and petrol tax.


Tony Abbott’s scheme is neither fair, nor affordable.


Tony Abbott’s signature paid parental leave scheme belongs on the scrap pile of history, alongside his other big ‘barnacle’: the Budget.




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