June 29, 2014

The Abbott Government’s review into the welfare system must not be used as cover for another round of savage cuts to vulnerable Australians. 


 Having just handed down a horror budget full of cuts to people on the Age Pension, the Disability Support Pension, the Carers Payment and young people on Newstart, vulnerable Australians should not be subject to further cuts from this cruel government. 

While Labor is not against simplification of the welfare system, we will not support further cuts to vulnerable Australians from this cruel government. 

So far, we have seen nothing from Tony Abbott that indicates he wants to help people on income support – he just wants to hurt them. 

It is clear from this report that the Government’s main goal is to shift people with disability onto a lower payment, and cut some people off from support entirely. 

This is not a plan to help people into work – it is just a plan for cuts. 

The Australian people expect more from their Prime Minister than a blueprint for cuts and cruelty. 

In government, Labor made sensible reforms to support people off welfare and into work. 

As a result of our reforms to the DSP, the number of people on the payment declined for the first time in 30 years and more people found meaningful work. 

The current growth rate of the DSP is generally in line with population growth more broadly. 

Labor will not support leaving people on the DSP – or any other primary payment – worse off because of this government’s twisted priorities. It is disgraceful that at the same time the Government cuts support for vulnerable Australians, they want to give $50,000 to wealthy people to have a baby. 

Labor will continue to engage with academics, welfare agencies and the general public through our own social policy review to ensure we have a system which supports people to find work, and to keep it. 

SUNDAY 29 JUNE 2014 


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