May 10, 2015

A day after Labor shamed the Abbott Government into scrapping its unfair cuts to pension indexation Federal Labor calls on Tony Abbott to reverse his cuts to concessions for pensioners and seniors made in last year’s Budget.


Because of Tony Abbott, the $1.3 billion National Partnership Agreement on Certain Concessions for Pensioners and Seniors Card Holders was axed.


The Agreement provided the state and territory governments with financial support to provide pensioners and Seniors Card Holders discounts for essential services such as public transport, council rates and help with the cost of electricity and water bills.


Tony Abbott has no idea about the cost of living pressures facing pensioners across Australia.


The Premiers of Victoria, Queensland and South Australia have every right to demand Mr Abbott restore funding for pensioner concessions.


The day before the last election Tony Abbott promised “no change to pensions”.


But in last year’s Budget Mr Abbott cut $1.3 billion in funding for concessions to pensioners.


Mr Abbott still wants to increase the eligibility age of the pension to 70.


Mr Abbott still plans to slash the deeming rate thresholds for part-pensioners on the income test - this will hit around 500,000 part pensioners. 


Labor fought relentlessly for a year against Tony Abbott’s unfair cuts to pension indexation.


Tony Abbott spent the last year telling pensioners they must accept cuts to pension indexation.


Now Mr Abbott wants people to believe he doesn’t intend to cut pension indexation.


If Tony Abbott is serious about being fair to Australian pensioners he should restore the $1.3 billion in concessions for pensioners and seniors in next Tuesday’s Budget.


FRIDAY, 8 MAY 2015