June 25, 2015

Tony Abbott today introduced his unfair $1 billion cut to paid parental leave into the Parliament.

Tony Abbott’s cuts to PPL will leave as many as 80,000 parents a year worse off. Some parents will lose as much as $11,500.


This will be devastating for new mums, who will be forced to spend less time with their newborn babies in those precious early months.


In an acknowledgement of how badly Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison bungled the announcement of this cut, the term ‘double dipping’ has been completely removed – despite the term being used throughout the budget papers.


It is not “double dipping” if parents choose to access both government and employer paid parental leave schemes. 


This was how the scheme was designed – so that new parents were supported to spend as close to the recommended six months with their newborns as possible.  


Abbott Government Ministers labelling women ‘rorters’ and ‘fraudsters’ and employers who want to support their staff as ‘scammers’ is insulting and offensive.


Parents should not be subjected to the sort of language, simply for wanting the best for their new babies.


The offensive language that littered the Government’s Budget papers may have gone but the Government’s unfair cuts to new parents remain.


Labor will continue to oppose these unfair cuts to new parents.




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