October 28, 2014

In the latest sign that the Abbott Government’s Budget remains in complete chaos, the Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (2014 Budget Measures No. 1 & 2) Bills have been removed from the Senate without taking the Bills to a vote.


The Government has buckled to pressure from Labor.


This is a major embarrassment for the Government, whose whole budget strategy has been a complete shambles.


Unfortunately, the Government remains committed to these cruel measures.


Last week the Government re-introduced all of these savage Budget cuts in several new bills and rammed a number of them through the House of Representatives.


Make no mistake Tony Abbott still wants to cut the pension.


Tony Abbott still wants to increase the pension age to 70.


Tony Abbott still wants to cut family payments.


Tony Abbott still wants to punish young jobseekers by kicking them off Newstart for six months.


Labor opposes these cruel measures because Labor believes in fairness.


We will continue to fight the Abbott Government’s unfair Budget because it attacks pensioners, families and young jobseekers.


The Government should recognise that Australians do not want this unfair budget.


They should drop these measures immediately.




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