June 22, 2015

Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison and the Greens today teamed up to ram cuts to the Age Pension through the House of Representatives.

 Tony Abbott promised the day before the last election that there would be “no change to pensions”.


Today Tony Abbott has broken that promise by cutting the pensions of 330,000 pensioners by up to $8,000 for a single pensioner and $14,000 for couple pensioners each year.


These cuts to the pension will make life harder for working people when they retire.


Independent analysis shows that middle to low income working people earning below average earnings will be hardest hit by these cuts to the pension.

This cut is an attack on middle income Australians who are planning to retire in the next 10-15 years.


To make matters worse the Coalition and Greens have joined forces to shut down a Senate inquiry nearly two months before it was due to report.


This report would have allowed proper scrutiny of the Abbott Government’s cuts to the pension.


The Greens have teamed up with the Government to sell out pensioners.


These changes aren’t due to come into effect until 2017.  So why are the Liberals and Greens so afraid to have their pension cuts properly scrutinised?


Only Labor will stand up for pensioners. Only Labor will fight for the pension.


MONDAY, 22 JUNE 2015


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