June 02, 2015

Tony Abbott has sunk to a new low refusing to answer a question about grandparent carers losing $100 a fortnight due to his cuts to Family Tax Benefit Part B.


Today in Question Time the Prime Minister was asked if he thought it was fair that grandparent carers like 74 year old Marleen Lamb should lose $100 a fortnight.


Tony Abbott refused to answer the question.


Grandparent carers have spent their lives raising their own children then suddenly they find they must raise their grandchildren.


Marleen has been raising her 12 year old granddaughter since she was four years old due to tragic circumstances.


Yet Tony Abbott showed a complete lack of respect for Marleen and grandparent carers around Australia by refusing to justify why he is cutting $100 a fortnight from their income.


Tony Abbott has no idea how much these cuts will hurt people like Marleen.


Tony Abbott wants to cut around $3,000 a year from Marleen’s income.


And he couldn’t even say why.


Low and middle income families will lose thousands of dollars because of Tony Abbott’s plan to kick families off Family Tax Benefit Part B when their youngest child turns six. 


A single income family on $65,000 a year is set to lose $6,000 because of Tony Abbott’s cuts.


Australian’s don’t want to live in a country that cuts support to grandparent carers like Marleen.


Grandparent carers deserve better than this Prime Minister.




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