April 18, 2015

Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison must give Australian pensioners the certainty they deserve ahead of the Budget next month.

Pensioners already know they face dramatic cuts to the indexation of their pension from last year’s budget.

These cuts currently before the Parliament will leave pensioners $80 a week worse off over the next decade.

Labor continues to call on Tony Abbott to unreservedly drop his cuts to pension indexation – he must take his cuts out of the Parliament and out of the Budget.

Tony Abbott should also rule out making further changes to the Age Pension in next month’s budget.

Last week we saw Treasurer Joe Hockey flag the possibility of more changes stemming from a review, including cuts to concessions for pensioners.

Australian pensioners don’t deserve continued uncertainty about the future of their pension before they find out what else Mr Abbott has planned for them.

Instead of providing more uncertainty for pensioners, Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison should drop their cuts to pension indexation once and for all.

Labor understands that pensioners have worked hard all their lives and contributed so much to this country. Pensioners deserve to be treated with respect and the certainty of a decent retirement.

Labor calls on Mr Abbott take his cuts to pension indexation out of the Parliament and out of the Budget.


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