February 12, 2014

Tony Abbott has admitted he plans to make savage cuts to government payments that will hurt families across Australia.

Yesterday the Prime Minister stated: 

“Everyone has to live within their means, whether it’s a company, whether it’s a family, whether it’s an individual, whether it’s a government. And that’s what this government is on about and that’s what our budget preparations are aiming for.”

-          ABC Radio, 11 February 2014 

This is Liberal code for cuts.

Australian families are living within their means – they just can’t understand why Tony Abbott would rip away money from struggling families, and give it wealthy people under his extravagant and unaffordable paid parental leave scheme.   

We already know that the Disability Support Pension, Age Pension and Newstart are in the Government’s sights – and now we know that no government payment is safe from the Prime Minister’s cuts.

We can be sure that Australia’s most vulnerable people will bear the brunt of these savage and cruel cuts in the May Budget.

Let’s be clear - these cuts are not about the Government living within its means.

At the same time that Tony Abbott is ripping money away from vulnerable Australians, he is also preparing for one of the biggest expenditures on middle class welfare in this nation’s history – a $5.5 billion Paid Parental Leave scheme that will pay $75,000 to wealthy women to have a baby.

The priorities of this Government are completely twisted.

Labor will not sit by as the Abbott Government hurts vulnerable Australians to pay for its unaffordable PPL scheme.


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