May 15, 2015

Tony Abbott’s plan to cut paid parental leave to around 80,000 new mums is in chaos after a shambolic press conference by the Prime Minister today.

Today Tony Abbott indicated that he was preparing to back down on his cuts to Labor’s paid parental leave scheme so that it would apply only to public servants.

But the Prime Minister’s office was quick to tell journalists that Tony Abbott misheard the question and confirmed the Government will continue with its cuts that will leave around 80,000 new mums worse off.

This is a complete and utter shambles.

And in a new attack on employers, Joe Hockey has claimed that those businesses who want to provide extra support to parents of new born babies are scammers.

On radio this morning, Joe Hockey said:

“And if they (businesses) change the scheme to try and scam the Government and scam taxpayers, well, I mean that reflects on them as much as anything else.”

JOE HOCKEY, ABC 774 – 15 MAY 2015

Providing support for new families is not a scam. It’s an important part of the negotiation of employment agreements.

But Joe Hockey wants to take this extra support away.  

This is an extraordinary attack on ordinary, hardworking Australian families, and it has to stop.

If Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey get their way, nurses, police, military personnel and other new mums will have less time to spend with their baby.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey should drop this cut immediately.

FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2015

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