December 16, 2015

Welfare integrity measures announced in today’s MYEFO are flimsy and show Scott Morrison cares more about spin than substance.

Today the Treasurer announced measures to crack down on social security non-compliance, which he claims will help the Budget bottom line by more than $2 billion.


Back in May, when Morrison was Social Services Minister, he announced measures to stop fraud and non-compliance, which were supposed to save the Budget $1.7 billion.


There is now a total of $3.7 billion from integrity measures that rely on findings that welfare recipients have incorrectly reported their income.


Given the Turnbull Liberal Government has already re-announced the original measure at least once since the Budget, the Scott Morrison should be able to show how much these measures are already saving.


If he can’t, this MYEFO is built on a house of cards.  


People who deliberately rort the system should be investigated and required to repay the money. That’s only fair.

But all we see from this government is empty talk about being tough on welfare, demonisation of people who rely on social security, and cuts to income support for vulnerable people.

Without any details, people are entitled to view this new measure as another fraud on the Budget and an attempted fraud of the public.

Despite promising new leadership, Malcolm Turnbull’s Budget update also locks in savage cuts to 1.6 million families, cuts to paid parental leave, cuts to young unemployed people and the world’s highest retirement age.

Malcolm Turnbull’s Budget plan is to hurt the household budgets of millions of Australian families.