August 17, 2017

Labor will carefully examine the details of the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card) and we will refer the legislation to a Senate Inquiry. 

Labor supports community driven initiatives designed to tackle alcohol abuse.

We understand that many communities want assistance in addressing chronic alcohol abuse.

Labor also understands that the vast majority of social security recipients are more than capable of managing their personal finances.

That’s why Labor does not support the cashless debit card being rolled out nationwide.

Labor calls on the Turnbull Government to release the final evaluation of the trials in the East Kimberley and Ceduna.

With respect to proposed further trials of the cashless debit card, Labor will take a community-by-community approach.

We will consult with community leaders in each community. Where individual communities believe that the cashless debit card can make a positive difference we will discuss it with them.

If an individual community doesn’t want it, then Labor will not support the card being imposed on that community.

Labor supported the cashless debit card trials in the East Kimberley and Ceduna in 2015 after securing additional funding for increased drug and alcohol counselling services, greater mental health support and expanded access to financial counselling in those communities.


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