March 08, 2016

It’s nine weeks until Malcolm Turnbull is due to hand down his first Budget.

This means Mr Turnbull has nine weeks to drop his unfair cuts which will increase the cost of living for more than 1.5 million Australian families.

If he doesn’t drop these unfair cuts will he take them to the election?

The cuts to family payments that are currently in the Parliament include the abolition of end-of-year supplements, which 1.5 million low-and-middle-income families rely on to help them make ends meet. It also includes the plan to abolish Family Tax Benefit Part B for single parent families when their youngest child turns 13.

If Malcolm Turnbull keeps his cuts, some families will be as much as $5000 a year worse off.

The Liberals are also trying to cut paid parental leave for 80,000 new mums, leaving some as much as $11,800 worse off.

This morning the Liberals have reached new heights of chaos and incompetence, with Cabinet Ministers unable to confirm that the Budget will actually be delivered on Tuesday 10 May.

The clock is ticking on Mr Turnbull’s Budget cuts. He either needs to drop them or take them to an election.

If Mr Turnbull is so convinced about the need to cut family payments and paid parental leave then he should make his case to families in streets, shopping malls and schools across Australia.

In the last two Budgets, the Liberals have proposed:

  • Savage cuts to family payments, particularly hurting low income families and single parents;
  • Cutting paid parental leave for working mums while labelling them double-dippers and rorters;
  • Axing the Schoolkids Bonus from July 2016;
  • Massive pension cuts and increasing the pension age to 70; and
  • Forcing young jobseekers to live off nothing for one month.

Labor will continue to stand up for Australian families by fighting these cuts every day up to the next election.

The clock is ticking. It’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to drop his cuts to families.


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