January 18, 2018

Two million Australians will lose the Energy Supplement over the next three years if the Turnbull Government passes its plan to axe the Energy Supplement, including around 400,000 age pensioners.

Axing the Energy Supplement will mean that a new single pensioner will be $14.10 per fortnight worse off or around $365 a year worse off.

Couple pensioners will be $21.20 a fortnight worse off or $550 a year.

$14 a fortnight might not sound like much to Mr Turnbull but for pensioners it can be the difference between keeping cool in summer or not.

Reports in today’s Courier Mail also reveal that new Social Services Minister, Dan Tehan remains committed to the cut but won’t say what the new start date will be.

The abolition of the Energy Supplement was first announced in the 2016 Budget and was meant to commence on 20 September 2017 but the Turnbull Government has repeatedly failed to get it passed through the Senate.

Mr Tehan refused to say what the new start date for the cut will be.

This is becoming a farce. The Government can’t honestly claim the axing of the Energy Supplement as a credible save to their budget bottom line.

They have tried unsuccessfully for years to axe the Energy Supplement, now they can’t even say what the start date for the cut will be.

It’s time for Turnbull and Tehan to drop their plan to axe the Energy Supplement once and for all.