May 26, 2014

New data prepared by the Department of Social Services shows that more than 1.5 million children over age six are currently in families receiving Family Tax Benefit B.

Tony Abbott’s cruel budget cuts to Family Tax Benefit B means families with children over six will no longer receive the payment from 2017, which results in a loss of $3,018. 

Instead, single income families on the maximum rate of FTB-A will receive a new per child allowance of $750, but even then only until a child turns 12.

This is a net loss of more than $2,200 to single income families, many of whom are already doing it tough – and this is on top of the extra costs these families will face through Tony Abbott’s GP tax and his plans to increase the cost of medicines.

When asked in the Parliament today how many children this savage cut would affect, the Prime Minister had no idea.  

Before the election, Tony Abbott said he would help families with the real cost of raising children.

Instead, he has delivered a horror budget for families, and as usual it is low and middle income families that will bear the brunt of those cuts.

Tony Abbott has betrayed Australian families. Now Australian families will have to pay.

For more information see:http://www.aph.gov.au/~/media/Estimates/Live/clac_ctte/estimates/add_1314/Social%20Services/Answers/233.pdf

MONDAY, 26 MAY 2014

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